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Napoleon II ascended the throne in France sparked interest in expanding the Queen Wu Jie Ni's tour of Europe. However, the fun of travel is often replica handbags compromised because of some minor problems - those beautiful clothes is not always timely to stay in the trunk.

Poor boy Louis Vuitton by virtue of their craft, the queen's clothes neatly tied in a suitcase. Because of this, young people from the village louis vuitton replica handbags down the Louis quickly got the attention of Queen Wu Jie Ni and trust.

Craft service for the Queen, joy attention Louis Vuitton travelers who caused. Transport revolution was ascendant, train travelers become the most fashionable choice, but it also gives them a lot of trouble: not confused suitcase wrinkled clothes, luggage bumps continued to fall on the train. replica louis vuitton handbags thinks he can swim more people from worries, by the end of 1854 to facilitate the work of the Court, founded in Paris in the first leather shop services, the main product is the flat trunk lid.

This use "Trianongrey" made ??of canvas boxes soon become the first choice of Paris high society like travel articles aristocracy travel.

After four years, expanding the size of the leather shop Louis Vuitton, founded in Paris suburb of Asnières first plant. In the meantime, design, production louis vuitton replica process more focused on solving practical problems travelers, with practical design concept, based on Louis Vuitton in fashion and the deepening of specialization.

1871, Louis Vuitton opened a new store on the Boulevard copy; 1875 stores open to central London. The company's development of innovative products replica louis vuitton replica sale provide a more solid foundation: the brand's classic hard luggage was born in 1889, it was adapted to long-distance travel bumps, most travelers need to bring comfort and peace of mind of mind - so far, it is Louis Vuitton proud.

Louis Vuitton's son George Vuitton (George L.Vuitton), inherited the family tradition of ingenuity, showing talent in small invention. In 1890, he invented a special lock "5- tumbler" - an important feature is that as long as you can open the client himself all Louis Vuitton luggage, to avoid the key buy louis vuitton replica handbags issues in the pants tied a lot of travelers.

In the Louis Vuitton gradually establish a brand image, when greed steal imitate its success. But this further inspired George Vuitton louis vuitton replica save up creativity in 1896, he published Monogram canvas, which makes Louis Vuitton began as a symbol of the brand inject the famous people's ideas "LV" trademark.

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