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Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Audience Gallery Rostrum and and Paly Ground at Govt. Secondary school Tali ADC Head Quarte and Construction of School, Teachers Quarters and Hostel Building at KGBV School at Tali New
Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Hostel Building and Boundary wallat IIT Roing  
Notice inviting Tender Infrastructure development for Sub- Divisional Building at Dambuk  
Memorandum dt.02/11/2012  
Establishment of V.K.V at Ramsing near Yingkiong in Upper Siang District under NLCPR.  
CORRIGENDUM- for Pre-Bid meeting
Boleng Circle PWD the Pre-Bid meeting has been preponed to 04/04/2012 from 10/04/2012.
Corrigendum No.2 against the Notice Inviting BidNo. PA/Con-1/2011-12/ 6603-30 Dated 12/03/2012 published on 12/03/2012 for the work "Construction of Road from Rani to Oyiramghat (Assam) via Sika Tode - Sika Bamin village- Jampani and Anchalghat camp road (25.00 Km) in East Siang District"  
Inviting tender for Development of Helipad Ground for Improvement of Air Connectivity at Bameng /Lada Administrative HQ. (SH: Lada Helipad)  
Invitations For Bids (IFB) dt. 22/12/11 on behalf of Governor of Arunachal Pradesh from the Contractors  
NIT-extension maintenance and carpetting of Roing township road  

Construction of Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over river Yamne at Reglat (Bysang) span 90.00 Mtr.


C/o Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over river Yamne at Reglat (Bysang)(Span  -90 Mtr- Last Date of Issue of 
tender paper-10/09/2010, Last date of receipt of bids-16/09/2010, date of opening of bids-16/09/2010
Cancellation Order  
Construction of road from Pugging to Palling 48.00 Km in Arunachal Pradesh (SH:C/o Road from Likar to Palling 0.00 to 20.00 Km) under NLCPR  
Invitation for QUALIFICATION Name of the work 2 laning from Kanubari to approaches to Bogibeel bridge Section of NH-52B in Assam  
    2 laning of Lalpul – Manmao -Changlang section of NH-52B in Arunachal Pradesh  
    4 laning from Holongi to Itanagar section of NH-52A in Arunachal Pradesh  

Notice Inviting BID: C/o Steel Suspension Bridge over Subansiri river near Siyum (Span 156mtr) in Arunachal Pradesh (Sh: Fabrication and supplying of bridge components, assembly and erection of fabrication structure at site work.


CEAP(EZ)/WTC-29/RIDF/Nubo Bridge/5696-709 Dtd 20/03/2010 -Re-Construction of Steel Suspension Bridge over River Siang at Nubo with approach roads on both sides in Upper Siang Distt, A.P.  
  Corrigendum related to NIT of Nubo Bridge  
  CEAP(EZ)/WTC-29/Doner/Kodak Bridge/5683-95 Dtd 20/03/2010 -Construction of Steel Suspension Bridge over Siang River and approach road at Kodak near Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh. :- The attachment is NIT-Kodak  
  Corrigendum related to NIT of Kodak Bridge  
NIT- Gandhi (file name in pdf format) :- Bid No:-
CEAP(EZ)WTC-29/Doner/Gandhi Bridge/09-10/5798-5810 Dtd 22/03/2010 - C/o
Motorable suspension bridhe over river Siang at the site of Gandhi Bridge
in Upper Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh
2-Laning of Pasighat-Pangin Road (NH-229) for the stretch of Km 28.00 to 41.30 Km (corresponding to existing Km 28.00 to Km 42.00 Km (net length = 13.303 Km) | Addendum  
2-Laning of Pasighat-Pangin Road (NH-229) for the stretch of Km 57.00 to 71.596 Km (corresponding to existing Km 59.00 to Km 76.00 (net lenth = 14.597 Km). | Addendum  
2-Laning of Road from Pasighat to Singer river from Km 0.00 (Pasighat) to Singer river (existing chainage length 22.00 Km) (net length 19.887 Km). | Addendum  
Addendum for extension in delivery period for serial no. 10, 11 and 12  
C/o Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over River Yamne at Reglat (Byasang) (Span : 90 Mtrs)  
Double Laning of Changlang- Margherita road (36.10Km) under CRF in Arunachal Pradesh
C/o Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over river Yamne at Reglat (Bysang)(Span  -90 Mtr)
  • Last Date of Issue of tender paper-10/09/2010,
  • Last date of receipt of bids-16/09/2010,
  • Date of opening of bids-16/09/2010
C/P Motorable suspension bridge over River Siang between BRTF road and Komsing (Span-225 Mtrs) at Sangam in East Siang District in Arunachal Pradesh (Sh::- Fabrication, Supplying & Erection of bridge componentsat the site)  
  Corrigendum Dated: 28/09/2010
RFQ for the project Double Lanning of Changlang - Margheirta road (36.10 Km) under CRF in Arunachal Pradesh  
Notice Inviting BID (IFB) dated 13/10/2010  
Invitation for Qualification  
Extension, Maintenance and Carpetting of Roing Township Road (60 KM)  
Corrigendum- Paglam Township Road
Extension, Maintenance and carpeting of Roing Township road (60Km)  
Construction of Paglam Township Road  
Corrigendum III- Paglam Township Road  
Invitation for Qualification Dated 15th Nov 2010  
Construction of Road from Jia- Tinali on Roing Shantipur Road (Ch: 9.20 Km) to Bizari via Idili (Length 19.8Km)  
Corrigendum of Jia-Bizari Road under NLCPR  Roing Division
Construction of Nacho Township Road in the state of Arunachal Pradesh under CRF