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Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Hostel Building and Boundary wallat IIT Roing New
Notice inviting Tender Infrastructure development for Sub- Divisional Building at Dambuk New
Memorandum dt.02/11/2012  
Establishment of V.K.V at Ramsing near Yingkiong in Upper Siang District under NLCPR.  
CORRIGENDUM- for Pre-Bid meeting
Boleng Circle PWD the Pre-Bid meeting has been preponed to 04/04/2012 from 10/04/2012.
Corrigendum No.2 against the Notice Inviting BidNo. PA/Con-1/2011-12/ 6603-30 Dated 12/03/2012 published on 12/03/2012 for the work "Construction of Road from Rani to Oyiramghat (Assam) via Sika Tode - Sika Bamin village- Jampani and Anchalghat camp road (25.00 Km) in East Siang District"  
Inviting tender for Development of Helipad Ground for Improvement of Air Connectivity at Bameng /Lada Administrative HQ. (SH: Lada Helipad)  
Invitations For Bids (IFB) dt. 22/12/11 on behalf of Governor of Arunachal Pradesh from the Contractors  
NIT-extension maintenance and carpetting of Roing township road  

Construction of Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over river Yamne at Reglat (Bysang) span 90.00 Mtr.


C/o Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over river Yamne at Reglat (Bysang)(Span  -90 Mtr- Last Date of Issue of 
tender paper-10/09/2010, Last date of receipt of bids-16/09/2010, date of opening of bids-16/09/2010
Cancellation Order  
Construction of road from Pugging to Palling 48.00 Km in Arunachal Pradesh (SH:C/o Road from Likar to Palling 0.00 to 20.00 Km) under NLCPR  
Invitation for QUALIFICATION Name of the work 2 laning from Kanubari to approaches to Bogibeel bridge Section of NH-52B in Assam  
    2 laning of Lalpul – Manmao -Changlang section of NH-52B in Arunachal Pradesh  
    4 laning from Holongi to Itanagar section of NH-52A in Arunachal Pradesh  

Notice Inviting BID: C/o Steel Suspension Bridge over Subansiri river near Siyum (Span 156mtr) in Arunachal Pradesh (Sh: Fabrication and supplying of bridge components, assembly and erection of fabrication structure at site work.


CEAP(EZ)/WTC-29/RIDF/Nubo Bridge/5696-709 Dtd 20/03/2010 -Re-Construction of Steel Suspension Bridge over River Siang at Nubo with approach roads on both sides in Upper Siang Distt, A.P.  
  Corrigendum related to NIT of Nubo Bridge  
  CEAP(EZ)/WTC-29/Doner/Kodak Bridge/5683-95 Dtd 20/03/2010 -Construction of Steel Suspension Bridge over Siang River and approach road at Kodak near Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh. :- The attachment is NIT-Kodak  
  Corrigendum related to NIT of Kodak Bridge  
NIT- Gandhi (file name in pdf format) :- Bid No:-
CEAP(EZ)WTC-29/Doner/Gandhi Bridge/09-10/5798-5810 Dtd 22/03/2010 - C/o
Motorable suspension bridhe over river Siang at the site of Gandhi Bridge
in Upper Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh
2-Laning of Pasighat-Pangin Road (NH-229) for the stretch of Km 28.00 to 41.30 Km (corresponding to existing Km 28.00 to Km 42.00 Km (net length = 13.303 Km) | Addendum  
2-Laning of Pasighat-Pangin Road (NH-229) for the stretch of Km 57.00 to 71.596 Km (corresponding to existing Km 59.00 to Km 76.00 (net lenth = 14.597 Km). | Addendum  
2-Laning of Road from Pasighat to Singer river from Km 0.00 (Pasighat) to Singer river (existing chainage length 22.00 Km) (net length 19.887 Km). | Addendum  
Addendum for extension in delivery period for serial no. 10, 11 and 12  
C/o Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over River Yamne at Reglat (Byasang) (Span : 90 Mtrs)  
Double Laning of Changlang- Margherita road (36.10Km) under CRF in Arunachal Pradesh
C/o Motorable Steel Arch Bridge over river Yamne at Reglat (Bysang)(Span  -90 Mtr)
  • Last Date of Issue of tender paper-10/09/2010,
  • Last date of receipt of bids-16/09/2010,
  • Date of opening of bids-16/09/2010
C/P Motorable suspension bridge over River Siang between BRTF road and Komsing (Span-225 Mtrs) at Sangam in East Siang District in Arunachal Pradesh (Sh::- Fabrication, Supplying & Erection of bridge componentsat the site)  
  Corrigendum Dated: 28/09/2010
RFQ for the project Double Lanning of Changlang - Margheirta road (36.10 Km) under CRF in Arunachal Pradesh  
Notice Inviting BID (IFB) dated 13/10/2010  
Invitation for Qualification  
Extension, Maintenance and Carpetting of Roing Township Road (60 KM)  
Corrigendum- Paglam Township Road
Extension, Maintenance and carpeting of Roing Township road (60Km)  
Construction of Paglam Township Road  
Corrigendum III- Paglam Township Road  
Invitation for Qualification Dated 15th Nov 2010  
Construction of Road from Jia- Tinali on Roing Shantipur Road (Ch: 9.20 Km) to Bizari via Idili (Length 19.8Km)  
Corrigendum of Jia-Bizari Road under NLCPR  Roing Division
Construction of Nacho Township Road in the state of Arunachal Pradesh under CRF