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About Us
The Public Works Department, Arunachal Pradesh was created on 22/12/81 as an offshoot of the erstwhile Central Public Works Department. Initially, the department was the only engineering agency responsible for building public assets in most sectors in the State, namely roads and bridges, buildings under residential and non-residential category, Micro Hydel Power, Water Supply, flood and others. Subsequently, on creation of separate departments like the RWD (Rural Works Department), the department of Power, the PHED (Public Health Engineering Deptt.) and the WRD (Water resource Department.) the main activities of the PWD now stand confined to construction of Roads especially those connect administrative headquarters hubs of activities such as commerce, education, health care, tourism etc, state highways and national highways, Bridges, Buildings under General Pool Accommodation and Public Housing and maintenance of these assets. The PWD, however, continues to be the premier engineering department, making its presence felt in all walks of life of the people of the state.

Organizational Set Up

At present the Arunachal Pradesh Public Works department (APPWD) has nine (9) Chief Engineers. They are :

» Chief Engineer (Eastern Zone)
» Chief Engineer (Western Zone)
» Chief Engineer(Central Zone)
» Chief Engineer (Highway- East)
» Chief Engineer (Highway-West)
» Chief Engineer (Design & Planning)
» Chief Engineer (Survey & Investigation)
» Chief Engineer (Co-ordination, Training & Vigilance)
» OSD (Chief Engineer)

Eastern Zone, Western Zone, Central Zone and Highway Zones are field Zones with field Circles, field Divisions, field Sub- divisions and field Junior Engineer sections under them. Every field Circle is headed by Superintending Engineer, every field division by Executive Engineer, every Sub- Division by Assistant Engineer and every field section by Junior Engineer.


As the name suggest the Zones cover the districts in the Eastern, Central and Western parts of the State.

Eastern Zone
covers the nine (9) eastern districts of the state, namely : Longding, Tirap, Changlang, Lohit, Anjaw, Lower Dibang Valley, East Siang and Upper Siang.

Central Zone
covers the four (4) central districts, namely West Siang, Upper Subansiri, Lower Subansiri and Kurung Kumey and a part of the district Papum Pare.

Western Zone
covers three (3) western districts namely, Tawang, West Kameng and East Kameng and a part of the district Papum Pare which includes the State Capital region.

Similarly, the two zones of Highway cover one half each of eastern and western of the State. The divisions are broadly based on the jurisdication of the two parliamentary constituencies – East and West of the State.


Highway- East covers the nine (9) eastern districts of Longding, Tirap, Changlang, Lohit, Anjaw, Lower Dibang Valley, Dibang Valley, East Siang and Upper Siang of the State.

Highway- West covers the eight (8) western districts of Tawang, West Kameng, East Kameng, Papumpare, Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri and West Siang.

The remaining four Chief Engineers, basically not being heads of work executing field zones, have their jurisdiction over the entire State.

» Chief Engineer (Design & Planning) : His office deals mainly with design and planning works of the entire APPWD.
» Chief Engineer (Survey & Investigation) : His office deals mainly with all the survey and investigation works of major projects of the entire APPWD.
» Chief Engineer (Co-ordination, Training & Vigilance) : His office deals mainly with co-ordination, training and vigilance in the entire APPWD.
» Chief Engineer (OSD) : He is the Officer on special duty of the APPWD.

Activities of the Department

The annual workload of the department is regulated by the Annual Operating Plan (AOP), prepared by the department and approved by the Government. A bulk of the AOP contains allocation under the State Plan, based on the PWD’s share of the outlay of the Annual Plan provided by the Planning Commission, New Delhi. Besides State Plan schemes, the department is also executing road and bridge development schemes under Central Schemes such as RIDF, NEC, NLCPR, Central Road Fund, allocated by Ministry of Road transport and Highways, Government of India. Then again, centrally sponsored schemes under Non-lapsable Central Pool of resources pertaining to construction of porter tracks, foot suspension bridges and buildings are also implemented by the department.

The North- Eastern Council (NEC) has identified certain road projects and airports for their financing, which are also executed by the Public Works Department. Most office and residential buildings of the State government, Central government and NGOs are constructed and maintained by the department. The Arunachal Bhawans in New Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong, Tezpur etc have been constructed by PWD and their maintenance are presently looked after by the department.

The Public Works Department has evolved it's own Schedule of rates along with analysis. The updated versions namely Arunachal Pradesh Schedule of Rates (Roads)-2010 and Arunachal Pradesh Schedule of Rates (Building)- 2007 along with their respective analysis of rates are available in the Eastern Zone office. CPWD, MOST and IRC specifications are followed by the department in execution of works. The delegation of power, financial and administrative matters is followed as per CPWD norms and regulations.

Over the years, the PWD has constructed 8598.06 km of road length and 3,32,038.00 Sq. mtr plinth area of building under 4216 & 4059 (Housing) apart from non-PWD Department building in the State as on March?2001. The department is also executing a National highway project for the road from Jairampur to Pangshu Pass, for which entrustment has already been made by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India, New Delhi. The Hawaii-Chequenty Bridge of span 156.40m, constructed by PWD, which is the second longest bridge of its kind in the country, is being inaugurated on 15th February, 2002.

Public Relations

As the department is responsible for construction of roads, bridges, airports and buildings, it is imperative that the department will have to take to tendering for getting some of the works done through contract. The department is already ensuring participation of the local people of Arunachal Pradesh in awarding works. Therefore, the department is in constant touch with the public for ensuring public welfare and their equitable participation in the development of the state.

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